My search results are displayed in a different language. What can I do?

GMX Search shows you the search results in a different language than the language of the user interface. This is due to the GMX Search settings, which you can change at any time.

The language settings for GMX Search allow you to select different languages for the user interface and search results.

Different language settings for the user interface and the search results

You have set different languages for the user interface and the display of search results in the GMX Search settings.

Change language setting for search results

  1. On the GMX Search Home page, scroll down to the footer and click Settings.


    Initiate a search query and click Settings in the bar below the search term.

  2. 2. From menu under Language, check the box beside the language in which you want the search results to be displayed.
  3. Save your settings by clicking Save.

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