Mail Collector

After you switched to GMX, you can import emails of another mailbox to your GMX mailbox and manage your emails at GMX.

The Mail Collector automatically retrieves emails from other email mailboxes and moves them to your GMX mailbox. You have the following options when creating the Mail Collector:

  • Delete emails from the other mailbox after they are retrieved
  • Sort emails to a separate folder (otherwise they will appear in the inbox)

How the Mail Collector works

The Mail Collector works in a similar manner to an email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird: emails are accessed via POP3 and then deleted depending on the server setting. All your emails will be retrieved after the Mail Collector has been set up. Afterwards, the Mail Collector will only retrieve the new emails that you receive.

If possible, the emails are accessed with SSL encryption and then checked for spam. In addition, you can define rules for how the collected emails are sorted. However, entries in the whitelist will not be applied during collection.

Restrictions on use

Some email providers reduce POP3 capability. Collecting messages through POP3 may therefore only be allowed at specific periods of time or after activating the POP3 function. Find out whether the relevant provider has any restrictions. For this reason, the Mail Collector is not available with some providers.

Problems with Mail Collection

If your emails are not retrieved by the Mail Collector, please check the following:
  • Password: If you changed your password, you also have to make the changes in the Mail Collector settings.
  • Server: Please check whether the server is available.

Spam Protection

Emails retrieved by the Mail Collector are checked for spam. Spam protection will only ignore entries on your whitelist.

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