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Alias Addresses

You can use different sender addresses at GMX. This can be useful if you do not want your main sender address to be shown in an e-mail.


You can create up to 10 e-mail addresses.

The Alias Addresses settings page displays all e-mail addresses (a) that have been created for your mailbox:

  • The GMX address you chose during registration
  • Any other e-mail addresses you have created

You can also define any of these e-mail addresses as the default address (b) by clicking on the wrench icon next to the address. The default address is used as a sender address when you compose, reply to or forward an e-mail. You can also set the sender address for an individual e-mail.

Your sender name will be added to each e-mail you send out. When selecting the default address, you can set it so that your name is not sent with the e-mail by default (b). You can also prevent your name from being sent with an individual e-mail.

Alias Addresses
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Changing an E-mail Address

Existing e-mail addresses cannot be changed. However, you can delete the e-mail address and create a new one.

If, for example, you have gotten married and changed your name, we recommend the following: Create a new GMX e-mail address with your new name and set it as the default address. Keep the old e-mail address until all your contacts use the new e-mail address. Then delete the old e-mail address.

Login and Password

You can log in with any e-mail address you have created for your e-mail account. Your GMX password applies for all addresses. If you need a separate password or a separate inbox, you have to register a new GMX e-mail account.

Deleting E-mail Addresses

If you delete an e-mail address, this e-mail address will be blocked for one year. An e-mail address that is created and deleted again on the same day becomes available again after just one month.