The default search function of your GMX mailbox allows you to find e-mail more quickly. You can select different criteria to narrow down the search.

The search field is underneath the Compose Mail button. Enter the search term (e.g. part of a subject or email address) and click the magnifying glass. Your search results will be displayed.


If necessary, you can now refine your search by selecting which folders or e-mail parts should be searched. To do so, please use the In field and In Folder search specifications.
  • In Field: Determine whether the search will be conducted in the Subject, To or Cc field, or in all headers.
  • In Folder: Determine which folder should be searched.

Searching your folders for email.

In addition to the deafult search function of your GMX mailbox you can use a cross-services search by clicking the Search button in the top right corner of the navigation bar. Find more informationen at Cross-service search.