Filter rules only get activated if the defined conditions are complied. You can choose between different conditions for your filter rules.

The following conditions are available:

  • All new e-mails: This condition applies to all incoming emails. Emails which have already been processed with preceding filter rules and the "Do not apply any additional rules to these e-mails" option are not affected.
  • Sender: The person who sent the email.
  • Recipient: The recipient of the email named in the To field. This rule ignores the Cc and Bcc fields.
  • Subject: the email subject.
  • E-mail size: The size of the email including all attachments.
  • E-mail priority: The priority the sender sets for the email.
  • Contact: This condition checks whether the sender's email address is in your Contacts list.
  • Mail Collector: This condition checks whether the email was collected by one of your Mail Collectors.

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