I can not log in with my mobile device

You tried logging into your GMX account and filled in the correct login data, but the login failed anyway?

Are you using an old app version?

Older versions of the GMX Mail App are not longer supported by GMX for security reasons. It is recommended that you update your mobile device in order to be able to use all GMX apps in the future.

Android: Use GMX Mail App for Android version 5.1. or above and Android system version 5 or above

  1. Check your GMX Mail App for Android version.
  2. Install the latest Version of GMX Mail App for Android.
  3. You should also check your Android operating system version. in some cases this can cause login problems as well. Make sure that you have instralled at least Android opreating system version 5 or higher.

iOS: Use iOS version 12 or above and GMX Mail App for iOS version 7.3 or above

  1. Check your GMX Mail App for iOS version
  2. Install the latest version of GMX Mail App for iOS.
  3. You should also check your current iOS version on your device. It should be iOS Version 12 or newer.


If it is not possible to update your GMX Mail App or your operating system, you can also use your web browser to access your GMX email account. Alternatively, we recommend using a newer mobile device.

Are you locked out of your account?

There are different conditions that cause your account to be locked by the system. Some of these do not show an error message in the mobile view.

Solution: find out why you are locked

Log into GMX in your web browser and read the messsage you get after you have logged in successully. Follow the instructions shown there.

Is there a technical issue caused by GMX?

It could be that a technical problem at GMX has prevented you from signing in.

Solution: Have a look at the server status message at the top of the page.

All GMX help pages have a server information message in the upper section. Please read this message. or contact us if no issue is shown but you can still not log in.

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