Settings for GMX Search for Windows

You can choose different settings in GMX Search for Windows.

  1. Open Settings
    1. Click on the green Lock-Icon in the Taskbar of GMX Search for Windows.
    2. Click on the Menu-Icon.
    3. Click on the Search settings.

    The settings-window will open.
  2. Choose between different settings:
    1. Check the box for Show search field in the taskbar, if you want the search field to appear in your Windows-Taskbar.
    2. Check the box for Open web address from the search field, if you wish to directly navigate to the web address (e. g. inserted in the search field.
    3. Check the box for Automatically insert copied text into the search field, if you wish to directly paste text from your clipboard.

  3. Close the settings window.
    Your settings will be automatically saved.

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