Attach images and files to an email in the GMX Mail App for iOS

Upload attachments to an email with the GMX Mail App for iOS and send them to your contacts in just a few steps.

  1. Tap the paperclip symbol on the right side of the screen.

    Dateianhang hinzufügen

    This will open up a new selection window.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
Scan document with camera
  1. Tap on Scan document.
    The viewfinder opens.
  2. Move the document into the frame and tap on the shutter icon.

  3. If necessary, adjust the edges of the document and then tap Keep Scan.
    The scan is saved in the background.
  4. Tap Save to end the scanning process or add another scan.

The scan is attached to your email as a PDF.
Add document from file directory
  1. Tap Add document.
    Your local file directory opens.
  2. Select a file.

    To select multiple files, tap the three-dots icon to open a submenu, then, tap Select.

The files are attached to your email.
Add files from GMX Cloud
  1. Tap Cloud.
    Your GMX Cloud opens.
  2. Choose one or multiple files.
  3. Tap Add attachment(s).

The files are attached to your email.
Add photos from camera roll
  1. Tap Camera roll.
    The camera roll opens.
  2. Select one or multiple photos.
  3. Tap Add.

The files are attached to your email.
Take picture with camera
  1. Tap Camera.
    The viewfinder opens.
  2. Tap the shutter icon to take a picture.
  3. Tap Use photo.
The photo is attached to your email.
Attaching large files via share link

Large attachments can be sent by email using a Cloud share link.

If you're trying to send an attachment which exceeds the size limit, you can upload the file to your Cloud and have the recipient download it via the share link.

You can find detailed instructions under Attaching large files via share link.

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