Creating a Group

If you want to organize your contacts, you can create groups like "club" or "close friends" and put your contacts into them.

In addition to the pre-defined groups ("Friends", "Family" and "Co-workers"), you can create a number of custom groups.

How to create a new group
  1. Click the New Group button at the top left.

    Create new group

  2. Give the group a name and click Save to confirm.
  3. Click the Add more Contacts link.
  4. In the contact list (on the left), activate the check boxes of all contacts you want to add. You can restrict the list by filtering or using the search function.
  5. Click the Save button on the right to confirm your selection.
Now you can use your new group. You can add new contacts to the group or remove them from the group at any time.
How to create a new group in Contacts by drag and drop

This method only works if you already know at least two contacts who are to be members of the new group.

  1. Drag one of the two contacts to the other.
  2. Give the group a name and click Save.
  3. If required, add more group members by dragging them to the group using the same method.