Assigning a Contact to a Group

There are several ways to organize your groups in your Contacts. You can assign contacts to groups or fill already existing groups with your contacts.

How to assign an individual contact to one or more groups

  1. Select the contact from the list of contacts (on the left).
  2. Hover over the Groups section in the contact view (on the right) and click Edit.

    Editing Groups

  3. Activate the check box of the required group. Every contact can belong to any number of groups.
  4. Click Save to confirm.
How to assign an individual contact to a group by drag and drop


This method only works if the contact and the group are displayed on the screen at the same time, i.e. you do not have to scroll.

  1. Ensure that the contact and the corresponding group are displayed simultaneously, e.g. using the search.
  2. Drag the contact to the required group.
How to assign multiple contacts to a single group

  1. Select the required group from your list of contacts. Activating the Groups filter helps you find it faster.

    "Groups" View

  2. In the group view (on the right), click the Add more Contacts button.
  3. In the contact list (on the left), activate the check boxes of all contacts you want to add. If necessary, you can restrict the list by filtering or using the search function.
  4. Click the Save button on the right to confirm your selection.

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