Why is my account blocked?

There are several different reasons why you may receive an error message saying your account has been blocked. Please read below to see which one applies in your case.

Why was I blocked after registration?
If you used a VPN (virtual private network ) during the registration process, you may have been blocked immediately after registering the new account. This is because certain VPN configurations are prohibited.

In addition, our security department does not allow the creation of new email accounts from certain IP address ranges due to high spam activity. New mail.com email addresses are also not available in all countries. If you attempted to create an account using one of these blacklisted IP addresses or in a country where this service is not offered, unfortunately this prevents the creation of an account.

Why was I blocked by the security department?
Our security department will block your account if you send phishing and spam emails.

Furthermore, if your account is hacked by someone, our security department might block it to protect it and prevent the hacker from accessing it again. If this occurs, please contact our customer support team to see what measures can be taken to remove the block.

What does “irregular activity” mean?
“Irregular activity” means that our security department detects spam or phishing emails being sent from an account, in some cases as a result of the account being hacked.

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