Encrypted Communication: Settings

Inviting contacts, restoring encryption data, setting up other devices and editing your digital signature.

To open your settings, go to InboxSettingsSecurityEncryption.

Option Beschreibung
Invite Contacts Invite additional contacts to encrypted communication.
Security and Recovery If you didn't create a recovery document initially, you can do so here.
Forgot Passphrase View your passphrase.
Set up Encrypted Communication on another device Encrypted Communication requires a key pair stored locally on your device. If your have set up a recovery document, you can use it to set up encrypted communication on additional devices like other computers, smartphones or tablets.
Privacy In the Digital Signature section you may activate or deactivate your digital signature. A digital signature can be used to confirm that you are the actual sender (and not someone posing as you), and that the message has not been altered on its way to the recipient in any way. This is achieved by a hash value included in your message.

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