Spam Protection Settings

In the Spam Protection settings, you have several options to edit the spam protection or reset your personal spam filter.

The Spam Protection feature is activated by default in your GMX mailbox. Unsolicited emails are detected and saved to the Spam folder.

The Spam Protection settings can be found under EmailSettingsMail Security.

Reset Personal Spam Filter

You can train your personal spam filter by clicking Spam and Not Spam. If certain emails are saved to the wrong folder repeatedly, you can reset the spam filter to solve this problem. This deletes all previous spam filter training.


If you activate this option, emails from senders whose email addresses are in your Contacts are always saved in the Inbox folder.

Send daily spam report

This option sets how spam is handled when accessing mail via POP3 with an email client or a mail app. By default, you receive an automatic spam report. The spam report informs you of new emails moved to the Spam folder.

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