How can I avoid my emails being marked as spam (Spamhaus)?

When the spam filtering software identifies an email as spam, the email is sent through a dedicated mail server which sends the sender of the email a fair warning that we have classified the email as spam (“bounce message”). If you have received such a bounce message, please see the recommendations below.


For more information about our built-in spam protection please visit Spam and Viruses.

What can I do if my emails are being marked as spam by the GMX server or the recipient's server?

Avoid sending bulk mails to email addresses that are no longer valid or to email addresses that you do not know. If too many people mark your mail as spam, your email address will be flagged for spamming and could be deactivated as a result. If you send out a newsletter, make sure that you provide an opt-out option to the recipients.

You should also make sure that your message includes a subject line as well as a paragraph that you wrote yourself in the email body. Review any links you might have in the email that could be considered suspicious, e.g. links that are part of a forwarded message and you did not add to the email yourself.

If a specific email keeps bouncing, we recommend the following:
  • Send the email directly and do not forward it
  • If you have set up a signature for all outgoing emails, remove it from the footer of this particular message
  • Change the email format to "Text-Mail" in the "Format" menu at the top right of the “Compose Email” window.
  • Do not attach any files to this email that could be classified as suspicious, e.g. because they do not originate from you.
  • Re-try sending after 24 hours following the recommendations above.
  • If the issue still persists, please contact us and provide us with a recent bounce message and the body of the email you tried to send so we can further investigate why this email was identified as spam.
My email was marked as spam by Spamhaus. What's Spamhaus?

Spamhaus is an organization that tracks email spammers and spam-related activity by compiling anti-spam lists. It is mainly used by internet service providers and email servers to reduce the amount of spam that reaches their users.

If your IP address is "blacklisted" by Spamhaus, your emails will be rejected if the domain you are trying to contact uses Spamhaus. The best way to solve this is by contacting your internet service provider (ISP) to request the de-listing of the IP address in question.

If the issue still persists after you have requested de-listing, you can contact us and provide us with a recent bounce message and the body of the email you tried to send so we can further investigate why the email was identified as spam.

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