Select offline elements

Make elements available offline to use them without an active internet connection, but not exclude them from cloud synchronization.

  1. Select one or more elements:
    • Tap the element and let go when the color changes to blue and a tick appears on the left.
    • Tap the ⋮ symbol in the menu bar and then tap Select all items.
  2. Tap the ⋮ symbol in the menu bar.
    A context menu is displayed.
  3. Tap Available offline.
    The elements are downloaded to be available offline in the background and are marked with a grey symbol. If a folder was selected in the beginning, all items in the folder are available offline, but they are not displayed in the folder under Available offline anymore.
  4. To display the elements in the folder Available offline, tap the menu symbol on the left in the menu bar.
  5. Tap Available offline.
An overview of all the elements that are available offline is displayed.